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9 Signs That Indicate Kidney Damage You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Kidneys are the most important part of our body instead of their importance and unlimited functioning symptoms of their malfunction can be quiet subtle.

At the time when you realize there is something wrong with your kidneys, the damage is already would be done.

Many times, various non-obvious signs indicate that your kidneys are damaged. To be safer side be alert about the functioning of your body is correctly working or not.

Here I am gonna show you 9 signs that indicate kidney damage.

so let’s get started.

1. High Blood Pressure

Once the kidneys are not functioning properly, they can’t effectively control blood pressure. The force with which blood pounds against the vessels stretches them.


2. Itchy and dry skin

Itching and dryness of skin hyperpigmentation rashes and jaundice may indicate that the kidney damage occurs. A kidney is a detoxification organ that takes part in the production of blood and supports the body’s minerals balance.

The stated symptoms might appear due to an excess amount of phosphorous that leaving the body or from an intoxication due to metabolism products.


3. Always feeling cold

Image Source: HuffPost Canada


Kidney damage maybe slows down the production of hydro protein hormone. This hormone stimulates the star production of red blood cells in the bone marrow.

Shivering difficulty in breathing insomnia are the most common signs of anemia.


4. Bad breath

One of the main causes of unpleasant breath is urinary tract infection when a person has kidney problem the result is a metallic test in the mouth and a faint smell of ammonium.


5. Swelling

Image Source: Vascular Society


Swelling is because of an excess amount of water in intercellular spaces.starting from the feet the face and eyelids it spreads all over the body. If you press a swollen area, you will witness a mark that will disappear in a few seconds.


6. Having palpitations

Image Source: NetDoctor


An abnormal heartbeat can be noticed if your kidney damage is causing a buildup of potassium. So make sure you have your pulse in check from time to time.


7. High temperature and persistent backaches.

Image Source: wakefit


A severe backache with a high fever, and sometimes vomiting are serious signs that may indicate a not so healthy kidney.


8. Having trouble thinking clearly.

Image Source: Pulmonary Fibrosis News


Losing your appetite, nauseating, having trouble thinking clearly can occur when waste builds up in your system and starts to mess with other parts of your body, including your stomach and your brain.


9. Change in urine – appearance, frequency.

Image Source: babycenter


The most classic and less obvious sign. More fluid being stuck in your tissues translates to less of it being flushed out of your body (and down the toilet) clearly questioning the basic function of the kidneys.

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