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8 Tweets from the Richest Celebrity you Missed this Week

Success is the follower of any celebrity around the world. Therefore, one who goes up there, they start getting an appropriate opportunity to share their insights with the world. Many celebrities take the shelter of Twitter for that.

These celebrities have skills and talent that encourage the audiences to look up on social media. However, due to some reasons, you might be unable to find time to look up at twitter every day.

Twitter is the primary medium for celebrities to connect with the individual. You might want to observe what they are thinking about this day. Don’t worry if you missed it this week. You can see the tweets of top richest celebrities here. You might even find your favorite one below.

1. James Patterson

He is one of the famous best selling authors that has stolen many hearts. His crime thrillers like Alex Cross series have been the primary choice for many individuals today. The characters he has created is loved by many individuals throughout the world. He even sold about 380 million books. He also holds the primary Guinness World Record for highest bestsellers rating in the New York Times. His net worth is about $730 million.

The latest tweet by him is about his latest novel called Cornwalls are Gone

On 14th Feb, he tweeted about how he spent his valentines day

Do you want to purchase his killer anthology? See his tweet here.


2. Adam Sandler

He is one of the famous actors that has been widely known because of his comic roles. He has been experienced in various aspects such as music, screenwriting, film producing, and professional comedian. Currently, his net worth is about $340 million. He is counted as one of the top earning actors throughout the world.

Fresh as ever!

Comment if you have seen this one.

Jimmy’s show is fun!

Hear him sing this time


3. Floyd Mayweather

His net worth is about $700 million, which is much higher being an athlete. Even after missing his 2017 year’s list on Forbes’ top celebrities, he was able to attain top again on 2018. Did you forget to read his recent tweets? Read on and find out.

I think he is right


4. Kylie Jenner

She is one of the most famous personalities around the world today. Her net worth is about $900 million. Her make-up brand has stolen the hearts of many people throughout the world, especially ladies. Let us look at her tweets this week.

Go and get your cosmetics now!

Well, lipgloss?

Valentine’s gift for you

5. Dwayne Johnson

Being a wrestler, he has been rocking in the film industry concerning his acting. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle had raised his income double in 2017. He is famous among his fans on twitter. His net worth is

Have you seen this?

Did you want it?

6. Shah Rukh Khan

He is one of the famous actors in India and throughout the world. He is an inspiration for all those middle-class individuals that desire to fulfil their dreams, just like he did. He started his film career from Deewana movie in 1992.

On 15th, he tweeted about Pulwama attack and Indian Army.

What did you remember from this pic?

7. Amitabh Bachchan

He is one of the well-known celebrities around the world that has attracted many people through acting. His net worth is around $400 million and he started his career back in 1942.

His latest tweet

Want to see the trailer?

His famous tweet that got trolled on twitter.


8. Tom Cruise

Being a famous actor, he has a wide fan base. His net worth is about $570 million. His career started when he was just 19 years old. Let us look at his recent tweets that you missed this week.

Who is waiting to watch this one?

As you can see, celebrities have connected effortlessly through twitter. You can read through these tweets if you have missed them somehow in your busy life.

Get in touch with your favorite richest celebrities faster with me.

Let me know in the comments who is your most favorite actor or celebrity among all I mentioned.

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