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3 Extra Scrumptious Chicken Recipes You Need to Know How to Cook

What type of chicken lover are you? Do you often visit KFC or famous fried chicken corners to enjoy your favorite piece? Well, if yes then you need not worry, as we have got your back! We understand you can’t visit your favorite spot all the time to enjoy your delicious crunchy chicken.

So we have brought for you some quick and easy to make 3 chicken recipes that will make your taste buds fall in love with it.

So, let’s not waste your precious time and get started.

Here you go:

1. KFC Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe:

Scrumptious Chicken: Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe
Image Source: Taste of Home


If you think that you can’t prepare this recipe at home and it won’t give you that better taste as that of KFC, you are mistaken. You can cook even better than that. Moreover, you can easily tweak it to bring some new flavor putting some extra seasoning of your choice.

So, here’s the recipe of your favorite KFC Crispy fried chicken recipe:


  • Brine Chicken: While preparing, first pour buttermilk in a bowl or if not then add 4tbsp of curd and add 1 cup water. Then whisk it thoroughly adding ¼ tbsp of salt in it. Again mix it well. Now it’s time to wash the chicken and drain excess of water in it. Add it to the mixture and refrigerate it for overnight or minimum of 4 hours to make it soft and tender. Now drain the buttermilk.
  • Marinate: After the first process, it’s time to marinate and for that add ginger, pepper powdered chilli powder, and seasoning powder. Take an egg, beat it and pour into the bowl mixture. Add 1/2tbsp of corn flour to it and mix it well. Finally, after doing it, keep it to rest for a minimum of 40 minutes. Once done, pick up chicken pieces and roll them with bread crumbs or vice versa. Leave it for a few minutes to settle down on the chicken.
  • Final Intake: Take deep and heavy bottom pan, add oil to it and heat it until it becomes boiling. Then add the chicken pieces one after the other to the pot, fry them until it becomes golden brown. Once done, you are ready to serve this awesome chicken recipe.


2. Southern Fried Chicken Recipes:

Scrumptious Chicken Recipes: Southern Fried Chicken Recipe
Image Source: Tesco Real Food


This recipe is delicious and gives you a crunchy taste from the outer part and juicy from inside. The method is prepared from spices that are infused well and buttermilk to amp its flavor. Overall, it’s a must try the recipe. Let’s get started:


  • Cooking Chicken: In a bowl, add 3 eggs with some water in it and beat it well. Now add hot sauce to it so that the mixture turns orange in color. Take another bowl and add flour and pepper and season the chicken. Now add the chicken to the egg mixture and after that with flour mixture.
  • Final Intake: once the above procedure is done, it’s time to cook well. In a deep pan, add some oil and heat until it starts boiling. Now add chicken to the boiling pan and cook until it turns golden brown. Once done, you are ready to enjoy the scrumptious Southern Fried Chicken Recipe.


3. Chip Chicken Lollipops:

Scrumptious Chicken Recipes: Chip Chicken Lollipops
Image Source: Char-Broil


Are you having a house party or children’s party at home? If yes, then this recipe is good to try, as it can be prepared without any hassle. To make this recipe, you can either use drummettes or whole chicken wings that totally depend on what you like. Here’s how you will make:

  • Marinating Process: Take a bowl, add 3 to 4 tbsp of yogurt to it and whisk it well. Now transfer the chicken into the bowl and soak it for a minimum of 1 hour to overnight so that the chicken gets soft and tenderized. Drain the buttermilk, marinate except flour and mix it well. Now add corn flour with some salt.
  • Cooking Process: After that, grill or fry the chicken whatever way you like to do until it’s cooked well or turns golden in color.
  • Final Intake: You are halfway done to make Chip Chicken Lollipops recipe. Now, add 1.5tbsp of oil to season the chicken and heat it. Add and saute garlic for better aroma. Take onions and fry it until it turns brown. On the other side, prepare a paste of red chilli powder added to water. Also, pour soya sauce and vinegar in it. Now it’s time to add some sugar and saute it well. Add some water and cook it so that the sauce thickens. Finally, add all the drummettes in it and toss. Garnish it well with coriander leaves. Here you go! You are ready to enjoy this quick recipe.

The Bottom Line

These were the handpicked chicken recipes for you that you will surely make again and again.To see more of the recipes from us, leave a comment below, and we will do the work for you.

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