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Top 25 Breathtaking 10 year challenge Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

See the hilarious post of common people and celebrities around the world in the 10 year challenge

Recently, the 10 year challenge has hit the internet world entirely. The storm of this challenge is eating everyone, even celebrities today. You will find many people participating in this aspect. it includes both the common man and even well-known ones.

Anyone can participate in this challenge considering their age should be more than 9 years older. The individuals on Twitter have already started their journey toward posting more pictures of themselves.

What is a 10-year challenge?

You may have been aware of the 10 year challenge, what is it though? It is a time capsule in the form of a picture of oneself.

The #10YearChallenge deals with posting the photo of self including comparison with that taken 10 years ago. This challenge went widely famous that attracted the attention of sportsmen and stars.

It’s ultimate start

Some might wonder about how this challenge started. The 10 year challenge started maybe because of the Facebook feature about the old memories. Whoever started this movement on Twitter might be proud of himself or herself over the achievement.

How to do it?

It is pretty easy to understand a 10 year challenge how to do it fact. Anyone can participate in the challenge. Someone having the collection of picture of the self about 10 years ago can tweet. Provided, the person should put the comparison of the self at the present age and 10 years past.

Top 25 mind-blowing challenges seen on social media

Indeed, the challenge has been fun for regular twitter user. Many celebrities and common people posted specific pics either as a joke or motivational factor. Here are few posts including 10 year challenge hashtags that can blow your mind.

1. Imran Khan

The picture below shows the journey of Imran Khan from participating in elections to the prime minister of Pakistan. Certainly, this factor remained unpredicted at that time.


2. R.M. Phoolo

This shows the journey of how a singer achieves success within 10 years. He wouldn’t have imagined himself at such a successful stage back then.


3. Pubg game

Yes, this was the most unique post ever found on Twitter. It, however, shows the reality of how much developed the technology has been. I remember fighting with my sister to play a simple snake game. Today, kids do multi-player on pubg.


4. Nawaz Sharif

I don’t think he saw this coming


5. M.S. Dhoni

Some things never change


6. Bollywood thing

Yup, situations and relationships, both change.


7. Emma Louise Jones

Emma looks pretty weird and old in 2019. What do you think?


8. Virat Kohli

This can, indeed, be the most powerful of all for today. The journey of Virat to becoming caption and champion of test series in Australia.


9. Traffic

Everything can change except this.


10. Ram Charan

The actor gives fitness inspiration to all the individual boys around the world.


11. Modi (Prime Minister of India)

This one is my favourite.


12. PayTm

The life-changing transformation you can see here. PayTm’s change has been the inspiration for all those budding companies throughout the world.


13. Fevicol

I don’t know why, but I found this funny. Let me know your thoughts about it.


14. The ice

This is something you should be worried about. I wonder how the world would look like after 10 years.


15. Kejriwal

I thought he was a good man back then…


16. Vegas Golden Knights

This is certainly the motivating change that I observed over Twitter


17. Microsoft Excel

The enhanced version of excel. You would find a few additional features.


18. Trump and White House

Wait, what?


19. Resident evil series

Only Resident Evil series game fans will understand this.


20. Rosanna Pansino

She seems to age younger in 2018, except the eyebrows.


21. Bollywood Divas

This is called as eternal beauty


22. Brie Larson

Her post has been weirdest among all 10 year challenge celebrities on Twitter.


23. Chandler Bing

This is primarily for the fans of Friends. Enjoy with one of the famous 10 year challenge clebrities on Twitter.


24. Chameleons

Yes, they maybe are the colour changing chameleons.


25. Angry birds

I used to play this all the time


Final verdict

The above has been most hilarious and mind-blowing 10 year challenge twitter and other social media posts. You can see how the changes are evident. I used to be a scared teenager that never thought of speaking in public. In 2019, I’m the same person with a slight shift in habits. I’m looking forward to your stories about 10-year challenge.


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