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25 Badla Trailer Memes That Can Make You Laugh Out Aloud

Badla Trailer was out yesterday that was spectacularly hit among fans

Pink, 2016, had been spectacular in a way to allure the modern audience. Certainly, the comeback of Taapsee Pannu and Amitabh Bachchan is set to create a unique drama thriller. You could remember it for another decade.

The audience agreed to this after watching Badla Trailer today. Many even made hilarious memes on the trailer that you will see ahead.

The Hindi Movie Badla Trailer took attention of everyone around, and people started sharing their thoughts on social media.

Many people said its one of a kind, just like Pink. You would definitely question the reality of the story after watching the video.

How was the trailer released?

It all started with a tweet by Shah Rukh Khan saying:


Everyone was shocked and surprised about why he talked like that with Amitabh Bachchan out of all? It was ultimately meant to be another joking chat on twitter. Instead of Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu, Badla 2019 cast, jumped over the chance.

This is how Pannu replied:


Her hashtag #BadlaTrailer Tomorrow gave a massive hint about what this had been all about. With that, she even released the poster of her movie that sent chills of excitement within fans.

To this, Bachchan replied,


Along with that, he released another poster with Taapsee on the lead.

The Badla trailer release date was released with Amitabh tweeting about it like this,


This is how fans replied

Fans were pretty much excited about the trailer after seeing the conservation of cast on twitter. They had been waiting on Twitter to get an announcement of the movie. Many individuals decided to sit right on the social media and waited patiently for it. Few others waited for trailer review.

This is how the fans waited for the trailer


I have the same question


I bet this is how most of the individuals felt after watching the trailer


I found this extremely funny


Only if you get this


Yes, Google maps it is


I don’t even know why people keep making memes out of this one


Yup, I can imagine my comb saying exactly that


Same here!


I swear this is the last time


Circuit to Munna Bhai


I used to feel like that in my college days


Happens with everyone


Okay I lied, this is funnier. I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this one


To all the MBBS students. I can really understand how you feel.


Is it really?


I’m not getting tired of this


Comment if you thought like that too


This fan is awesomely talented


I found this to be so true!


Yes, can you?


This is the saddest truth


Engineers, comment if you agree!


Every PUBG player out there


Well, that’s that


The epic trailer just for you. Watch it now if you haven’t yet


The official trailer of the movie stole the hearts of many individuals throughout the world. If you haven’t, watch it right now and let e know your thoughts. What do you think actually happened?    

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