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21 Interesting Facts About Narendra Modi You Probably Didn’t Know Before

You have never heard these Narendra Modi facts before

Everyone is aware that Narendra Modi is India’s prime minister. his popularity isn’t missed by anyone around the world. However, there are a few things that you still do not know about him.

What makes PM Modi popular among the youth today? It can be the awe-inspiring facts and qualities that prove him to be different from other leaders of India. Certainly, those who are well versed with his biography knows his history too well.

Mentioned below are some of the strange secrets that you are not aware of about Narendra Modi the prime minister of India that will blow your mind.

1. First Prime Minister

Primarily, all the celebrated prime Ministers of India that had ever been elected took birth in the pre-independence era. Narendra Modi is the only prime minister of India that has been born post that period.

2. National language

That might be one of the most observed facts that you can know. Wherever I go, he loves to speak in his national language, Hindi. he speaks speech and lectures even in the foreign country in the Hindi language. Moreover, even his signature is in Hindi.

3. Child education

Once he auctioned and gave away the received gifts to Kanya kelavani, a child education fund. This particular initiative is very crucial for him.

4. School days

During his schooling days, Narendra Modi used to participate in the drama is in plays mostly. When he was a teenager, he had performed a well-known fundraising drama.

5. Railway Jawans

In 1965 India Pakistan war, Narendra Modi had been working at Mehsana station at that time. There, he was in charge of serving tea to the soldiers who fought against the Pak army.

6. Technology Lover

Narendra Modi perhaps has been the only Prime Minister of India that is super active on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Sound Cloud, and much more.

7. Bribing

While dealing with elections, several powerful leaders end up sheltering bribe. However, Narendra Modi’s mother made it clear that bribing shouldn’t really the road for her only son. When Modi became Gujarat PM, his mother said, “Beta, kadi lanch na lesi” which means, “Son, never take bribe.”

8. Workaholic

He believes in “work is worship” aspect that enables him to work continuously for hours. When he was Gujarat’s CM, he never decided to take even a single day off because of his determination and dedication to the well being of people.

9. Sanyasi

Narendra Modi was much inspired by the Sanyasi life and motivated because of Swami Vivekananda in his early years. He even went at Ramakrishna Ashrama where he desired to take Sanyas ashram and live the life of a Monk. However, the prominent sanyasi there, Swami Atmasthananda, told him to live among the people not as a sanyasi. According to the Swami, the sanyasi way wasn’t meant for Narendra Modi.

10. The best state of the world

In 2010, due to higher efforts of Narendra Modi, Gujarat was seen as one of the best places in the entire nation. The government even awarded Gujarat as the second most popular and best state in entire India.

11. Becoming Sikh

Back in the 1970s, he wore the features of a Sikh and had been in such a condition for as long as 5 years. He left the home and had been in that garb till 1975 because he had a fear of being caught.

12. Dressing style

PM Modi has always been cautious of what he would be wearing in the public. He has been seen in wearing the same creaseless dress for years. That aspect promotes his unique aura.

13. Joining BJP

Back in 1987, the Indian politician joined the political party as secretary of Gujrat Unit. Later in 1988, he was able to become the organizations’ national general secretary. Later, he had the qualification of becoming the CM of Gujarat.

14. Narendra Modi had a wife?

This is probably one of the mind-blowing facts you will ever encounter. When he was just 13 years old, his family arranged his marriage to Jashodaben in the Vadnagar caste. They started living together when he grew up, precisely until he was 18 years old. Later, he decided to become a sanyasi and live a life of Monk and left for the Himalayas.

15. Past

Modi had a habit of burning anything he had left of the past years for him, this is one of the ways to become disconnected with the past years and happenings.

16. Fond of poetry

Whether you believe it or not, Narendra Modi has a habit of writing poems in mother language. He also likes to capture professional photographs that have been kept as a personal exhibition.

17. Most followed leader

On Twitter, PM Modi is perhaps the second most followed after Obama on Twitter. Modi has about 2 million followers from all around the world.

18. Mass outreach

Earlier, PM Modi has addressed about 25 states in India by traveling across 3 km. Other than that, he held over 1350 3D rallies during the election campaign.

19. English words

PM of Japan Tweeted for the very first time on Twitter in English. He wanted to congratulate Narendra Modi.

20. International course or degree

Narendra Modi has undertaken an international 3-month course about Image Management and Public Relations in the United States as his education.

21. Indian Army

Since his childhood, he desired to become an Army Officer and serve India altogether. However, he couldn’t do it because he had no money to pay the fees.

Other than that, Narendra Modi is always seen honoring the traditional culture of India through several situations such as unveiling the largest Bhagavad Gita in Iskcon Delhi.

These are some of the cool facts that you probably didn’t know about Narendra Modi.

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