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21 emotional Tweets about near-extinct chirpy birds this World Sparrow Day

World Sparrow Day is extremely emotional for nature lovers

The 20th March is officially celebrated as World Sparrow Day all around the world. Earlier, the sparrows would stand on the branch of a tree or fly above the heads of everyone. You could see many types of these birds such as tree sparrow and house sparrow.

The situation, however, has worsened where the sparrows’ population have started to decrease at a tremendous rate.

This is the reason why World Sparrow Day was created to spread awareness about the scarcity of the graceful birds in the world today. Nature Forever Society of India started the initiative along with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation in France.

The degradation is the result of the suffering these birds are going through recently. Certainly, humans are the reason behind the increasing disappearance of these birds. You would not see any group of Sparrows around your garden today as it was commonly seen before.

Why and how this happened?

Sparrow sitting on tree
Image Source: Vine House Farm


As the cities are increasing, the Old World sparrows have started to find it difficult to dwell among the bricks. Infrastructural development reduced the possibility of birds to raise families around the world.

Sparrow birds usually survive on grains and natural aspects, which seems to have reduced recently. That is why many groups of birds decided to travel to another place where they can get an abundance of the natural environment for survival.

Sadly, with the decrease in the forest region, the rate of survival has decreased for sparrows in India. Such aspects proved to be the reason behind depopulation of the chirping birds on this planet. This has raised the problem of ecological crisis today.

Cell phone radiation is another greater cause that declined the number of sparrows from the city area. The radiations coming out of the signal are dangerous for the immune system of these birds. It has caused many of them to fall sick and die.

What was the initiative undertaken for the Sparrow?

Group of sparrow eating food
Image Source: www.natureforever.org


As an initiative, the government has urged the individuals to follow certain footsteps and save the lives of these birds. You can start by keeping fresh water bowl by the window or boundary wall and grains every day.

If you happen to see a public area and space for plantation, grow a tree there for these birds. They can start their families in that tree and survive amid the bricks.

You are also urged to clean the neighbourhood appropriately so that the birds do not feed on wastage and die. You can also purchase an artificial nest for them and keep it on a branch of the tree in your garden. You might also want to keep your garden trees away from chemicals as they can infect the birds dramatically.

#World Sparrow Day: Emotional tweets that you can see on Twitter today

Since it’s World Sparrow Day, you will see that Twitter would be flooded with emotional tweets about sparrows. Many people have taken the initiative to spread awareness of this day to save the lovely birds.

  1. Initiative starts with having increased knowledge about these birds. You can keep their foodstuffs on your window for them to eat. This small initiative can enhance their population in coming years.

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t see them anymore around much. Thanks to these people to strive to keep these birds alive.

  1. You can do these things to save the birds you love

  1. Look at the chirping bird. Why wouldn’t you want to save them after seeing this?

  1. Yeah, I grew up with them too! I used to love their voices.

  1. Dia Mirza has decided to take the initiative. Would you try and save these birds today?

  1. Indeed, the songs of sparrow have started to fade away

  1. I wish to build such a big place where sparrows can stay and survive forever

  1. We don’t see them anymore, and we are responsible for the loss

  1. Sad but the truest fact of 2019

  1. I remember seeing one sparrow back in my childhood home carrying some of these in the beak

  1. The stories we will tell next generations: the knight of flying sparrows

  1. Are you ready to take this pledge with me this summer?

  1. Spread the unique message of the World Sparro Day this year

  1. Comment “I love sparrow” and raise awareness

  1. You don’t have to be a professional to care for these birds

  1. Comment if you have done this in your childhood

  1. Yes, they deserve to live in this world

  1. We don’t have to be the last generation to see a Sparrow around, right?

  1. Common facts about sparrow bird

  1. Alia Bhatt has taken the initiative to support the lives of these birds

The sudden rise for the sparrow aspect can only happen if everyone strives to save them. They need love and attention as much as a puppy or a cat. Let us take a pledge of saving these birds this World Sparrow Day by keeping grains and water on the balcony or windows.

This is the least we can do.


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