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17 Weight Loss Myths That You Should Stop Believing

Weight loss brings about various misconceptions along that can be harder to ignore, especially for the first timers. If you have decided to reduce your weight, you might have to learn about some of them to carry on your mission appropriately. You cannot just stay behind and let weight loss myths of life delay your goal.

Some Weight Loss Myths and realities can be disastrous to your health. If someone gives you another misconception as a myth, you wouldn’t even know about it. It is especially dangerous for your health if the tip can endanger your life.

I have mentioned below few facts and tips that can help you in getting around your vision. You can identify which of the following weight loss myths are true.

1. Gym is the only option to lose your pounds

Even though exercising is good, it is not the only option available for you. Overnight gym routine can backfire and make your health unstable. If you really desire to lose some of your body weight, you can work hard. However, the notion that only gym can help you is not a complete picture.

2. Gluten free substances can help in weight loss

People have this major misconception that if your food has refined carbohydrates and gluten, they should be avoided. The gluten-free foodstuffs can hardly make any difference in your body. In fact, it can backfire some people and they may end up gaining weight due to absorption of calories.

3. Fat equals weight

While talking about Weight Loss Myths, most people compare it with fats in the body. In other words, individuals think that losing weight can help in reducing the fat around the waistline. It is not the case every time. You can also have water-weight that can get reduced at times instead of fats. You may see instant weight loss, which could also be water.

4. The case of equal calories

Individuals think that calories in the particular food is the same and they can make you fat. In reality, not all the calories are harmful. For instance, you may find difference between a fat and protein calorie. You can, in fact, reduce weight by replacing the fat calories with the protein ones since they help in improving metabolism.

5. Only exercising can help you

If you keep exercising and fail to control what you eat, the results may be slower and disastrous. You do need at least half an hour of physical activity, preferably walking if you can’t exercise. However, you need to reduce fast foods and weight increasing stuff from your diet, switching off to the healthy lifestyle.

6. Green is your savior

This is one of the popular diet myths around. A healthy diet is the key to reduce your weight, but that doesn’t mean you just eat green all the time. You  can switch off to fruits and other less heavy stuffs with regular exercising. You can feel less active and more sleepy during the day.

7. Your targeted body parts

Let me tell you a bag news: you can’t really reduce the fat around your waistline or tummy just by reducing weight. Surely, weight-loss can increase the probability of having a good shape, you might not get slim thighs or waistline out of blue.your body is different from others and the muscles around your thighs may need more hardwork than normal.

8. Use of supplements is the key to losing weight

This aspect is the major misconception that people around the world can have. Many fake supplement companies can fool you into believing that weight-loss is possible only because of pills. However, if you are not aware of the side-effects your body can get in trouble.

9. Starving can make you slim

Of course long term diet plan with healthy food intake can help you in weight reduction. However, if you starve yourself to death, your life would be in danger. The important nutritions would be reduced from your body, making you sick. You can feel low in energy and crave high-fat foods.

10. It is not necessary to track what you eat

Usually, while exercising, many people forget the aspect of noticing what they eat. Habits like that can make things worse for you. You can instead focus on eating appropriately. Make a healthy weight loss diet plan and select nutritious foodstuffs everyday. It is, therefore, necessary to know what to eat to lose weight.

11. Cleansers can easily reduce your weight

You may see other aspects similar to pills in the market out there. Juice cleanses are the same. Even though they are good for your body and help in detoxification, they cannot alone help in reducing weight. Quicker weight-loss is not possible by having these juice cleansers.

12. You grow fat due to your choice

People have this misconception that they become fatter just because they are not exercising. Some individuals assume that the problem is with the regular habit that they follow. Even though it is true in a sense, but it is not the full picture. The factor of obesity happens due to several contributing factors, even disorders. Certain disorder is caused due to weight loss myths that leads to emotional eating. Some people fail to reduce weight even after trying everything. Such aspects show that you can have some biological issue.

13. Low fat foods are good for you

You may have seen some foodstuffs having labels of reduced fat inside. Some experts say it might be healthy, but it isn’t in reality. Such foodstuffs contain “fat” in a way, even if in lesser quantity. Such aspects can have increased sugar level. Sometimes, the packets can contain more than regular amount of fat within, be sure to check before you purchase.

14. You cannot fight away the genetic obesity

Some experts say that genes have a critical role to play concerning obesity. However, if you follow constant diet plan, healthy lifestyle, and regular exercise routine, you can easily overcome the problem of losing weight. Selecting weight loss foods is also critical at this point.

15. Slower process is long-lasting

Some people believe that slower pathway is better than shortcuts. Even though it is true, you shouldn’t really choose the slowest way ever. Australian researchers found out that both he quicker and slower healthy diet plan can help in reducing the weight equally.

16. Everyone can do it

This notion is the most commonly used by many people. Everyone thinks that an exercising plan and healthy diet can be enough for you. You might think that your friend lost 5 pounds in a week, you can follow her routine and do the same. However, both of your bodies are different and you might need more time to lose the weight.

17. You can miss your diet plan and it would be okay

It’s natural to crave for your favorite foodstuffs while carrying out your diet plan. You might even try and skip one or two days for that. However, attempting such aspects can be harmful for the progress of your weight-loss schedule. You can end up having sugar and fat in your body and slow the weight loss plan.

Several weight loss diet myths have created problems for many people. However, it is ultimately up to you to focus on reducing weight. The Weight Loss Myths can do more damage to you than anything else.

It is, therefore, critical for you to be aware of these aspects.

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