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16 of the Best Chinese Street Foods you must try in China

Try these snacks if you ever go to China.

The popularity of Chinese Street Foods is high. It is specifically popular among the rich culture and business areas in China. The street foods have become the primary source of nourishment for many professionals.

Tourists in China are specifically fond of eating street foods there are also famously accepted by the locals. If you are trying to have some food in China, this list can certainly help you in moving ahead with both nutrition and taste.

1. Pan-Grilled Pork Buns

Pan-Grilled Pork Buns - Best Chinese Street Foods to try in China
Image Source: thewoksoflife.com


If you have a love for dumplings, these would be your favourite choice. However, many individuals consider that these buns should be consumed when they are hot.

The bottom of these dumplings are grilled and the top is covered with onions. They produce effective results in the form of colourful can crispy buns because of frying it appropriately. You will find this accessible in many places in the street shops.

2. Xi’an Pancakes

Xi’an Pancakes - Chinese Street Foods to Try in China
Image Source: pinterest


This try and delicious pancakes are specifically loved by the Chinese locals. Originally, this snack came in existence from the Chinese Islamic culture in the past. People having both backgrounds are fond of eating these pancakes. You can specifically find Street Foods in the Xi’an, Muslim quarters.

3. Chinese Crepes

Chinese Crepes - Best Chinese Street Foods
Image Source: yumofchina.com


You can also call it Jianbing in the local language in China. These are one of the most famous and common Street Foods you can find on the streets. You can find many types of Chinese crepes around the street. This china food is made out of normal dough, eggs, lettuce, sauce, cilantro, and scallions.

4. Beijing Pancake

Beijing Pancake Best Chinese Street Food
Image Source: chinadaily


This is the oldest and popular snack in the entire country. Tourists special line up for this particular snack. Due to the toppings, spices, and sauces, many individuals find it worth waiting. It is served as a folded parcel to the consumers having put gentle and crunchy facility.

5. Fried Rice – Chinese Style

Best Chinese Street Foods - Fried Rice Chinese Style
Image Source: tablespoon.com


Not only China but in many Asian countries, this food is specifically popular. However, some individuals like to make it in a pure vegetarian form. In China, you will find this mixed with egg, onions, meat etc.

6. Steamed Buns- bread-like dumpling

Best Chinese Street Foods - Steam buns or Baozi
Image Source: blueapron.com


You can also call it Baozi is loved by both travellers and locals on the Chinese Street. You will see a baozi stall around the place swamp up with many people. It is specifically popular because of its warm and flavoursome contents.

7. Chinese Sesame Balls – Jian dui

Chinese pastry - Chinese Sesame Balls - Best Chinese Street Foods
Image Source: cdkitchen.com


In Guangdong other places around, you find this as a common dishes served in many Street shops. Fillings can either be vegetarian or non-vegetarian based on your choice. Many choose either bean paste or meat in China.

8. Tanghulu – Northern Chinese Traditional Snack

Tanghulu - Chinese Street Food to try in China
Image Source: teanabroad.org


These are the sweetest dish that can go for an after dinner snack. If you are a dessert lover, you might find yourself being drawn to this can treat. Originally, it was created about 800 years before that can heal individuals with digestive disease. The lingering smell and distinctive taste make it the first choice of Wangfujing Chinese food market.

9. Stinky Tofu

Stinky tofu - Best Chinese Street Foods to try in China
Image Source: visiontimes.com


When the tofu is fermented, you will feel strong odour coming out of it. You can find it in many roadside stands, night markets, and lunch bars. The professionals use many things such as Soya beans, colour, garlic paste, and the spices to make it both smell and taste delicious.

10. Pai gu nian Gao

Pai gu nian gao - 16 of the Best Chinese Street Foods
Image Source: Flickr


This is one of the primary items of the country within the china food culture is Pai gu nian Gao. Chinese dish mixed with fried rice cakes and pork chops is specifically famous throughout the streets in China. The boiled pork chops raise the flavour of the food you eat. The resulting product creates a great impact on the taste buds of the travellers.

11. Cold Rice Noodles Street Foods

Cold Rice Noodles Street Foods - Best of Chinese Street Foods
Image Source: lightorangebean.com


This particular street dish is served and made in the winter season. The spicy flavour adds another dimension to this snack. You commonly find it in the streets of Shaanxi province. Aspects that make it spicy enough are sauces, beans, and other stuff.

12. Thick Rice Balls

Thick Rice Balls Chinese Street Food
Image Source: thewoksoflife.com


The food ranger china specifically uses soya milk to serve this special dish to the travellers and locals in China. You can feel the hotness of steamed rice and crisp of dough. You can also find it looking the same as the Sushi roll. Most travellers consider Shanghai’s Plaza 66 is the most favourite place for this foodstuff.

13. Chinese Bread Buns

Chinese Steamed Buns - 16 of the most popular street foods in China
Image Source: yumofchina.com


Bread dumplings are most famous in China stuffed with fillings. People even use this as the main course instead of breakfast on the street. The professionals prepare it using the steam method. However, some people also prefer to fry it.

14. Chinese Hamburgers

Chinese Hamburgers most popular street food in China
Image Source: Pinterest


Originally, the Chinese name of this dish is Rou jia mo. You can find it being mixed with pork and flour creating savory stuffing taste. This type of foodstuff is most popular in North and Northwest China. You can savor the tasty dish again because of the effort of chefs by putting gravy inside in the end.

15. Hotpot

Popular Chinese street food Hot Pot
Image Source: seriouseats.com


You can also call it Huo Guo that has been commonly eaten by many local and travellers throughout China on the streets. Once you taste it, you will feel spicy and burning sensation over the skin of your tongue. However, at present, many streets have developed around variations of this snack.

16. Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Roasted sweet potatoes - popular chinese street food to try in china
Image Source: hips.hearstapps.com


People also call it a Kaobaishu and they are commonly found in the winter season. If you happen to walk on the street during that time, you will definitely find one of these in some of the shops. These sweet potatoes make you both healthier and satisfied. It helps you in sustaining energy throughout your working day.

Many such snacks are famous in the streets of China today. You will not find a single Chinese street food tour traveller without feeling the urge to you taste some of the snacks mentioned above. Most Street vendors manage to earn a decent income by selling tasty and delicious foodstuffs to the locals and travellers.

If you happen to went around in China, make sure to you have some of the street Street Foods mentioned.


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