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15 Years Old American Graduate Engineer Set to Do Ph.D. in the US!

What happens to geniuses when they ebb from the limelight, growing up in the world that is far behind their growth? Well, to justify the statement, today what will be discussing is the story of 15 years old Indian American boy who recently completed his graduate degree in engineering. Sounds shocking? Well, that’s the truth that we were talking about.

This guy, namely Tanishq Abraham reached a milestone after completing his graduation at such a tender age. Usually, students complete their graduation at the age of 21-23, but this little brainy champ crossed all the milestones to do something big in life. Isn’t the coming generation growing so fast? Day after day we hear or read some inspiring news of young children taking so many achievements.

On 26th August, Tanishq Abraham, an Indian-American, yet to enter teenage graduated from Community College, a university in California. Now he is all set to go for the doctorate, i.e., Ph.D. in the US after obtaining a degree in biomedical engineering.


Interview with American boy Abraham’s Parents

15 years old Indian American boy Tanishq With his parents
Image Source: CNNMoney


In an interview, the little brainy champ said that “Of course, I am happy, excited, and proud of my accomplishments”. Also, while interviewing his parents naming Bijou Abraham and Taji, they said that “He has a lot of talent and passion and we as parents have to keep up with him”. We would like to tell that they hail from Kerala.

Where the world was still digesting that how this boy achieved so much in the early age. Abraham gave his father the best gift on the father’s day that just went away.

Starting at 12, completed at the age of 14, Abraham, just a few days before turning 15 grabbed the achievement. Wearing a graduation cap emblazoned with few words on it, he stated that “I started at 12, finished at 14. Trust me I am an engineer now!”

Abraham’s mother in an interview said that “It was the best Father’s Day gift for my husband and also my dad.” Taji Abraham is a doctor of veterinary sciences and his husband, Bijou is a software engineer.

She further stated that it was a great moment of joy for his grandparents who are heart patients and retired as veterinary medical Ph.D. doctors. “His grandparents were able to see him graduate with a biomedical engineering degree and start his Ph.D. in the same field “she further said.


His Achievements So Far

15 years old Indian American boy Tanishq Abraham Achievements
Image Source: whatsuplife


Tanishq Abraham had previously designed a device that was capable of measuring the heart rate without touching the patients who are burnt. Isn’t that something incredible? Well, we still don’t know what next he brings, but yes, it has been reported that Tanishq is now looking forward to bring out new treatments for cancer that is one of the deadliest diseases the world, especially India is fighting with.

It seems that this boy has enormous dreams stored in his eyes to solve the problems that can help people live happily.


 What’s Next?

Image Source: facebook.com/realtanishqabraham


As far as the next step is concerned, Tanishq is all set to get back into the laboratory at Davis for Ph.D. and probably from the medical school. He said that “Yes, of course, what everybody likes to speak and what I’m interested in is none other than studying about cancer and finding new treatments for it, more effective ones”. 

The boy has already got an admission in the University of California for pursuing Davis graduate program. He has a plan to complete his MD in the coming 4-5 years.

 It was quite challenging to get the story of this brilliant student to the world, as Taji Abraham who is Tanishq’s mother explained that the previous few weeks were quite frenzied for his parents and him.

The day after Tanishq completed his degree, he along with his team presented their design project at UC Davis Medical Center.

A few days later, they went to Southern California for a conference of biomedical engineering to show his engineering senior design project.

Once he got back, he attended 3 days of a crash course at UCD Entrepreneurship Academy that had 45 participants including post-doctorates, graduate students, and faculty.

Well, India is proud of Abraham and waiting for more achievements coming from the next generation of the country.

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