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15 Restaurants with the Best Chinese Food in India

The Chinese food has mounted its popularity among Indian people for many years now. It is one of the most popular cuisines in India that we can say for now that it is surpassing Mexican and continental food.

But the question arises, are we really eating authenticated Chinese food. The answer will be no, and we know you will agree to it. The Chinese cuisine available in India may be named similar and look the same, but here is a twist.

It doesn’t taste as original Chinese food. The cuisine was discovered according to the local country’s taste by Chinese people who settled in the country.

Yet there are a few favorite Chinese restaurants in India that can give you the real taste of Chinese dishes. The restaurant chef uses explicitly the same ingredients to make the cuisine utterly delicious. So, are you excited to dive into the world of best restaurants from metro cities in India that will serve the best Chinese food and will satisfy your buds to the fullest when you visit there? If yes, then let’s get started:


#1. Top Chinese Restaurants in Delhi:

Best Chinese Food restaurants in India
Image Source: justputzing


If you are visiting north India for the first time and exclusively looking for the best Chinese restaurants, what can be the better place to get started other than Delhi? Here is the list of top restaurants on Delhi that you would love to visit again:

  • House of Ming: It is one of the elegant Chinese restaurants in the Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi. The restaurants specialize in Cantonese and Sichuan plating and that too in a luxury hotel.
  • Ichiban: Located in New Delhi, Ichiban Chinese restaurants consist of the Hip bistro with a soothing environment whipping up Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisine with home flair.


#2. Top Chinese Restaurants in Mumbai:

Best Chinese Food restaurants in India
Image Source: 1420 WBSM


Visiting Mumbai? While having a glimpse of the beautiful city, don’t miss to taste delicious Chinese food in the best restaurants in Mumbai. Here’re a few restaurants to look for:

  • Royal China: This Chinese restaurant located in Azad Maidan, Fort, Mumbai has décor with modern interior design and Chinese plating of traditional and new Cantonese.
  • China Gate: Having subdued dining room for customers, this restaurant based in Andheri East, Mumbai offers upscaled Chinese food and also has a trendy chain restaurant.


#3. Top Chinese Restaurants in Hyderabad:

Image Source: Wikipedia


  • Blue Diamond Chinese Restaurant: This restaurant exists for three decades. Since then, the restaurant is continuing to lure Chinese foodies. Visit Basheerbagh, Fateh Maidan, and Hyderabad to enjoy best Chinese food.
  • China Bistro: The restaurant consists of a lot many Chinese dishes, and in other words, the food comes from the land of warriors. The restaurant is located in Nandagiri Hills, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, so don’t miss being to this place.


#4. Top Chinese Restaurants in Bangalore:

Image Source: Metro


Is your touring city Bangalore? Are you a Chinese food lover? You are in the right place! Check out the top Chinese restaurants in Bangalore:

  • China Pearl: You can very well guess the quality of the food from restaurant name. Located in Koramangala, Bengaluru, the restaurant offers large portions of Chinese food.
  • Memories of China: As the name suggests, the restaurant with its best Chinese food servings will give you the best memories. The restaurant is located in Koramangala, Bengaluru, and Karnataka.


#5. Top Chinese Restaurants in Kolkata:

Best Chinese Food restaurants in India
Image Source: Business Insider UK


What comes to your mind, when you hear Kolkata? Sweet dishes, isn’t it? You are right! Want to try Indian Kolkata style Chinese food? Let’s help you find some Chinese restaurants names where you can visit and have happy eating:

  • Chowman: The restaurant has stylish décor and consists of one of your Chinese favorites with quick service. Want to try? Visit budhan Nagar, Sector-1, Kolkata.
  • Flavors of China: The restaurant is located in 55, Park Street, Kolkata and offers one of the best quality Chinese foods that are hard to miss out.


#6. Top Chinese Restaurants in Chandigarh:

Best Chinese Food restaurants in India
Image Source: Inside Vancouver


Traveling to Chandigarh will be more fun if you try visiting these Chinese restaurants. So, check out the list:

  • Mainland China: If you’re looking for authentic Chinese cuisine, Mainland China is another restaurant to look for. It is located in Chandigarh, Madhya Marg.
  • Yo China: Yo China is one of the popular restaurants that offer high quality Chinese food. The restaurant is located near HSBC Bank Chandigarh.


#7. Top Chinese Restaurants in Jaipur:

Image Source: daringgourmet


Jaipur the pink city is the very beautiful place to visit but does it offer your favorite Chinese food. Yes, it does. Check out!

  • Dragon House: The restaurant located in Radisson Jaipur city center and has the most luxurious interior and as far as the Chinese food quality is concerned, it is just too awesome.
  • House of Han: Another beautifully designed restaurant in hotel crown plaza consists of a wide variety of Chinese food. The dines are beautifully decorated.


#8. Top Chinese Restaurants in Srinagar:

Image Source: Divine Healthy Food


While visiting Srinagar, the paradise, don’t forget that the state also has restaurants for Chinese food lovers. Check out:

  • Paradise Restaurant: Opened since the 80’s, the restaurant is the most renowned one due to its extra scrumptious Chinese food offering.
  • Tibetan Bowl: This is another Chinese restaurant that is widely popular and offers food with original Chinese food taste. Its location is Regal Chowk, Press Colony, Srinagar.


#9. Top Chinese Restaurants in Ahmedabad:

Image Source: Eater Vegas


Ahmedabad is not confined to the industrial hub in India but is also a place for food lovers, especially Chinese food. Here are the top restaurants to try:

  • China House: It ought to be rated as the top restaurant in the city. People quite often visit here again and again due to their offerings of authentic food.
  • Mainland China: The restaurant also has its franchise in Ahmedabad. Just like other places across India, the food offered here is equally delicious. The atmosphere is also cozy to enjoy the dine.


#10. Top Chinese Restaurants in Pune:

Image Source: Storedfood


Below mentioned are the top rated restaurants of Pune. It’s due to their ambience and having large scale franchise all over India. See more:

  • Mainland China: Another habitual restaurant for customers is in Mainland China. Where ever in India you might be, you may find its franchise there.
  • Ban Tao: The restaurant has excellent interior and is located in Hyatt Pune. People are quite fond of visiting this place again and again.


#11. Top Chinese Restaurants in Panjim:

Image Source: chinese-food-nearby.blogspot.com


Goa is one of the favorite tourist spots since many decades. Anyone coming here can find foods of all variety, especially Chinese food. So, here we bring top Chinese restaurants in Panaji:

  • Tao Goa: Tao Goa other than offering best Chinese food, offers customers to enjoy indoor & outdoor sitting. You will find the exquisite variety of starters over there.
  • Wok & Roll: It is a vouch for it the place for Chinese food. Whatever Chinese dishes you want to try, the staff is quite helpful in explaining and serving. Overall a good place to try good quality Chinese food.


#12. Top Chinese Restaurants in Manali:

Image Source: Taste


Going on a vacation to Manali? Don’t forget to try out exquisite Chinese food from one of the best restaurants.

  • Chopsticks Restaurant: Located in Model town Manali, that is right in the heart of Manali, so reaching the place won’t be a difficulty. It’s a must try place for Chinese food lovers.
  • Kamchatka Bistro & Grill: Located on Manu temple road, one can visit the place to enjoy succulent Chinese cuisine that will water your taste buds and make you visit again.


#13. Top Chinese Restaurants in Indore:

Image Source: Patch


The city located in the west center of the country is quite developed and tourists visit here often. The best Chinese restaurants in the city are:

Chopstick City: The restaurant has an excellent ambience and offers pure Chinese food that you want to try again and again. The restaurant is located in Vijay Nagar, Indore.

Jolly Thomas: Another restaurant located in Vijay Nagar Indore is must to try food place. Along with its good ambience, staff, and everything else, the food is what that is favorite of people.


#14. Top Chinese Restaurants in Surat:

Image Source: Asiatravel agency


If you are visiting Surat next time, don’t forget to try one of the best restaurants of Surat. Here it is:

  • Golden Dragon: The variety of Chinese food offered here is extremely good. Also, the average rating of the restaurant always is around 4, so you can judge the quality of the food offered.
  • Sizzling Salsa: The Chinese Sizzlers will be offered that is for which the restaurant is known and will be served according to one’s preference.


#15. Top Chinese Restaurants in Kanpur:

Image Source: glambypam.net


Lastly, the place is Kanpur and it too serves the best Chinese cuisines in the city. Have a look:

  • Shanghai Chinese Food Restaurant: Located in civil lines Kanpur, the restaurant is known for its Chinese cuisine. As per hospitality is concerned, the customer usually gives 4.5 rating to this restaurant.
  • Chinese Café: The Chinese café is another best restaurant of the city that offers a wide range of Chinese food that you won’t have ever tasted before.

So, no matter which place of India you are traveling to. We have mentioned the list of 15 best Chinese restaurants in India. So, what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy your scrumptious Chinese food.

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