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15 Biggest Weight Loss Myths That You Should Stop Believing !!

Today obesity is one of the fastest growing health problems in the world. According to a 2015 World Health Organisation study, 70 million people worldwide are facing problem of obesity. The American Medical Association has placed obesity in the category of disease. The World Health Organisation believes that in the whole world obesity is spreading very fast, soon it will join the ranks of the most serious diseases will replace the traditionally serious illnesses such as malnutrition and infectious disease or obesity in the world.

Awareness is also emerging about the rapidly spreading obesity in the world. People are taking various measures for weight loss busted. This is a positive step, which should be welcomed. But before doing any work, we have complete and accurate information about it, it is also very important. Along with awareness of weight loss, weight loss myths associated with this topic is spreading with the same speed.

Let us now tell you 15 weight loss myths associated with obesity and the removal of it, which till now you believe the truth.

1.Myth – Reducing food is a good way to diet and lose weight.

weight loss myths and facts
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Truth – Dieting does not decrease the digestive capacity of the body. It is like using excess calories to store the stored calories in the body. If you do not eat a meal on time, then eat a little more for the second time. Eat three meals a day, and if you want to lose weight, then take a little bit of it every three hours.

2.Myth – To lose weight, you do not need to exercise; only dieting is enough.

Truth- Exercise is also necessary with dieting. To lose weight, you do not need to suppress your desires and we will not even stop you from eating food. We can burn calories by Exercise. Adding exercise to daily routine will help you lose weight. Walking at a single pace for 30 minutes daily increases our heart rate, which is very helpful for weight loss. There are many other benefits to exercising such as healthy heart, a good feeling of blood pressure and healthy body.

3.Myth – Carbohydrate is not right for your body.

Truth – Carbohydrate is a main fuel engine. Calories are only half as fat in carbohydrate. The problem of people’s diet is that they take sugar and high fatos corn syrup. When people take flame-carb diets, they do not take high calorie carbohydrate, which helps them lose weight. There are many other benefits too. Research has shown that flame fat and more carbohydrate diets such as grains and starch are good for the body.

4.Myth – Low fat and fat free foods have low calorie intake.

weight loss myths
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Truth – It is not necessary that calorie intake of flame fat and fat free foods is reduced. Many foodstuffs have said that they have 0 percent fat, but they may be different from carb or sugar, which can be more than full fat foods. Save is a flame fat food, but that does not mean there are no calories in it. Be sure to check the calories of any foods you are consuming.

5.Myth – Do not work at least 45 minutes to get maximum advantage of exercise.

Truth – You can burn calories even with just 30 minutes of walking. You can start it with a 5-minute walk every 5 times a day. After this you increase the time with sharp steps.

6.Myth – Weight increases due to late night meal or eating food.

 top 10 weight loss myths
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Truth – Calories are calories If you eat more and do not exercise, then your weight will increase. It does not make any difference to sleep or eat food. If you eat more then your body has the ability to store extra calories in the form of fat. Late eating means many people understand that they have consumed more calories.

7.Myth – I have reason to be fat that my digestive capacity is low.

Truth-When people get obesity then only body fat does not increase, but muscle fat increases to support it. About 20 to 30 percent more fat is in the muscles. Calories burn due to muscle tissues, so the more the muscles the more the digestive capacity will be. The higher the digestive capacity, the greater the weight. It has no relation with burning calories from physical activity.

8.Weight-loss drugs are effective

weight loss myths busted
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Truth-This is a big confusion. Do not fall into the trap of such a misleading advertisement. There was no such medicine in the world, which would reduce our weight like magic overnight. These medicines are deceptive and cause harm to the body.

9.Myth – Gaining weight is genetic. You can get it from your parents in genetic form.

Truth – There is no genie known as fat gene, which goes from parents to children and to any other family member. It may happen that if parents are obese and they adopt unhealthy lifestyle then their education can be in children too. In this way unhealthy lifestyle comes into the children from parents.

10.Myth – If you want to lose weight, do more cardio exercises.

Truth – To reduce weight, it is important to shake and shake the body. If you have never exercised before and you start running daily, then the body will move and the weight will be reduced once but there is a doubt about how long it will be. After some time you will reach the final limit of weight loss and continuous weight gain will start to increase. Instead, do different exercises such as yoga, weight training, cardio etc. At the beginning you should increase the weight then work out the right way and make changes in the work-out, it will be right weight management.

11.Myth – I can eat everything,but that it is not fry, even if it is baked.

weight loss myths and realities
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Truth –There are many products promoted in the market by the name of many healthy baked snacks and the people are happy that they are not consuming any fry and fried substance. Look at one of the perspectives; it is right, depending on what type of baked snack you are consuming. For example, if you take baked nuts instead of fried nuts, instead of fried chicken, instead of baked chicken and fried chips, you are taking baked chips, then it is a good choice that you are ignoring oily food. But on the other hand if you are eating baked chakras or Baked Bhakarwadis, remember that you are consuming high sophisticated food, which contains high amounts of sodium and flour. I would not call it a health snack if you really want to lose weight.

12.Myth – Use of supplements of nutrients is safe to lose weight.

Truth –These supplements can not be suggested to lose weight. First, most weight loss supplements increase the recurrence of our bowel movements, which are harmful to the body’s natural bowel movement. Dehydration takes place as well as other nutrients also decrease in the body. Secondly, some supplements remove all the fat from our diet by stools. These fatty acids are essential for good health of the body, so these supplements are not recommended for weight loss.

13.Myth – Warm Up and Cool Down is Necessary

True- Without warming up, you put your body into work, while the oxygen and blood just does not reach the muscles only, it can cause muscle damage. Spending 5 to 10 minutes in a warm up helps in increasing the body temperature from inside, it is very necessary for proper muscle performance. Cool down works like this when you want to avoid work-out injuries. If you do not cool down, then you are putting the muscles in danger because you have not removed lactic acid from your body. Normalizing heart rates from cool down and energy is used to work with passion for the whole day.

14.Myth – Banana does not lose weight.

weight loss myths
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Truth- Banana is a healthy diet and should be a part of Fat Loss Diet. Anyway, a single food item can not lose weight. To lose weight, it is important to reduce calories, so burn more calories than one day consuming cholera. In most cases, reduction of 10 to 15 percent calories is correct, due to a reduction in fat loss, instead of fat loss, muscle loss may occur.

15.Myth – Detox Diet is a good diet plan for me.

Truth- If you have to work long hours in the night and if you are bored with junk food account and want to reduce weight, then a good balanced detox diet is right for you. But, from the detox diet, we do not mean to have a mild detox diet like magray, juice, master cleanse, water. We mean a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients, but not sophisticated food (which is sugar and transfat), and the correct amount should be taken in the correct interval in the day.

So, these are the weight loss myths you actually stop believing right now.With the right knowledge about weight loss, you can take the right measurements and steps on your journey towards weight loss.

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