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The 13 Most Successful People with Tattoos

You will read about many Successful People with tattoos

Tattoos are big for me since we cannot erase it for a long time. Inking something on the body means living with the fact for as long as we live. Still, you would observe several celebrities turning at the tattoos time and again. Successful People show off either the moments of honour or the things they love the most.

Some actors even print the name of their loved ones. Certain successful people in the world focus on the roles. For instance, Johnny Depp has a tattoo inspired by both his son and the character named Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean. You can see such examples throughout the globe today.

You might never notice how your favorite artist or celebrity has been in love with tattoo all this time! Several Successful People has used tattoos as a source of inspiration and remembrance of certain events.

Want to see my top 13 list of famous people with tattoos? Scroll down and find out!


Dwayne Johnson- The Rock

The retired wrestler has deep attachment toward tattoos. You can see tattoos across his arms and chest. You can, however, see many tattoos have specific meaning behind it.

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For instance, the tattoos of The Rock come down to warrior spirit, family and their protection. One of his famous tattoos is on the right arm which took almost 22 hours.


Ed Sheeran

To be exact, Ed Sheeran has about 60 tattoos. All the tattoos, however, has a specific story behind it. For instance, arm tattoos show his achievement in the singing profession.

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Hamburg tat 📸 @zakarywalters

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Right now, he is waiting for his marriage to ink a tattoo on a special place.


Virat Kohli

You can find 9 inking tattoos on Virat Kohli’s body. being one of the famous cricketers, he had started without any tattoos.

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Fact. Keeping secrets is hard #Forever

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Now, his tattoo has captured most critical events and reflections of his life. In his own words, Virat Kohli says, “from getting a random tribal design to getting Shiva on my forearm now, it is a reflection of how my life has gone where it stands today and what I think and see of life back then to now.”


David Beckham

Beckham has 40 good tattoos carved on his body having deep meaning. For example, the tattoo on his pinkie finger called as “99” are also a tribute to his family.

Similarly, you can find many such tattoos being dedicated to his children and wife.


Priyanka Chopra

The beautiful star has 2 to 3 tattoos. At present, however, you can find one of them popular across the internet world.

It is called “Daddy’s Lil Girl” dedicated especially to her father.


You can find at least 25 known tattoos of Rihanna. You would be surprised to know that Rihanna has a Sanskrit prayer tattooed across her hip.

According to her tattoo artist, “She always flips out and jumps up and down like a 16-year-old girl getting her first car.” apparently, he says how excited Rihanna gets when the tattoo is done.


Justin Trudeau

He is counted as the topmost successful person with tattoos. Certainly, it was surprising for many Canadians to know that their prime minister has a tattoo over his arm.

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His tattoo means the composition of two factors: Earth and Haida raven.


Kylie Jenner

She is famous for most beautiful and small tattoos spread all across her body.

Her 25 iconic tattoos have attracted all her fans. Even though Kylie is youngest, she has the highest number of tattoos on her self.


Lionel Messi

He is a well-known footballer in the entire world. At present, you will see his body inked with few tattoos, about 7 to be precise.

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¡Perfectas!👟💥 #Nemeziz @adidasfootball

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It is not that the footballer has chosen some random things for display. Many things, such as the tattoo on his back, are personal to him.



Beyoncé has 3 well-known tattoos that relate to her personal life. For instance, Jay-Z’s Roman numeral matched with that of the Beyoncé.

Now her tattoo looks more like a combination of J and 4 aspects. Earlier, she had one more tattoo that she removed after years of pain.

In her words, she said to People magazine, “When I was 21, I actually did get a tattoo of an angel that I had painted. It was very, very beautiful. But the next day I woke up, and I was like, “Oh my God! What did I do?” So literally the next week, I started getting it removed. It’s gone now. I went through so many years of pain. I wish I’d taped it for young people to see.”

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has about 8 tattoos on his body. You can see one thing common among the celebrities: cool tattoos on their bodies.

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His tattoos certainly mean something personal. For example, the Sanskrit tattoo is meant for the protection of his son. Other tattoos include scribblings of Angelina on his back.


Mike Tyson

Mike is famous for his face tattoo that attracts the people.

He had imprinted this particular tattoo back in 2003. Other of his tattoos include Chinese leader, Che Guevara, Monica Turner, and Dre Drocher.


Jaime Foxx

Jaime Foxx has one of the best tattoos around the world today.

His head tattoo attracts his fans the most. He got this unique aspect back on his 40th birthday. In short, he got this tattoo after achieving success in life concerning acting.

Final verdict

Tattoos are a critical part for many people that depict personal and professional reality. The current successful people with tattoos certainly has a deeper connection with every tattoo. This was my list of successful people with unique tattoos. I will be looking forward to your list as well.

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