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10 Interesting Facts about Rahul Gandhi You Probably Don’t Know!

Rahul Gandhi is India’s trending politician hailing from Nehru family. He is the grandson of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and son of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.

Belonging to such an iconic family, this young politician born on 19th June 1970 holds a huge responsibility on his shoulders of taking the nation forward with his good deeds.

But is Rahul really abiding by his duties? Rahul Gandhi is one of the most talked about person in today’s political era. He is the only politician in India politics who address a problem at grass root level to find its solution. Even though he is mocked and made fun by the people of political parties for spending days with farmers in their farms and houses, eating food with them and protesting with them, he emerged as a beloved leader of the common masses.

Though belonging to the heir of the Gandhi dynasty, politics was not his first career option. He worked with global organisation and operated his own outsourcing firm before entering the politics which made him aware of global trade practices; a quality which is remotely distant from our current Prime Minister even after his numerous foreign visits.

A lot of people consider this youth icon as a medium to spread fun among the political leaders or people around. What they fail to realize that the number of young members in Congress has increased significantly under Rahul’s administration.

Interested in knowing interesting facts about Rahul Gandhi? Well, let’s get started then:


#1. Early Life Days of Rahul Gandhi:

Interesting Facts About Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi who is now a 48-year-old politician is the eldest son of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. He is known for changing numerous education schools due to constant threats revolving around him. From completing his schooling from Dehradun and New Delhi, Bachelor degree from Stephen College, New Delhi to moving to Harvard University to pursue additional studies. After the assassination of his father, it is said that Rahul came back to India and thereafter took admission in Rollin’s college. On completing his education, the young son of Gandhi family started his career as a consultant in a London based firm.

#2. His Life Before Politics:

It is said that before Rahul began his political career, he had established his career by opening his outsourcing firm in Mumbai by the name Backops Services Private Ltd. Also, he worked with management consulting firm namely Monitor Group in London.

#3. Entering into Political Profession:

About Rahul Gandhi
Image Source: Business Recorder


Rahul Gandhi is the Member of Parliament from Rajiv Gandhi’s, his father’s constituency in Amethi, based in Uttar Pradesh. Apart from that, this leader of the Indian National Congress as a general secretary. Otherwise too, before the intake of BJP party in 2014, he was working as a leader of Indian Youth Congress. Presently, Rahul is elected as a Vice President of Congress.

#4. Speaking His Mind Out:

Due to outspoken personality, Rahul Gandhi has been trolled a lot many times and has also landed into troubles. His words are often twisted by media and presented as funny speeches to the common population to demote his image.

#5. Keeping his Personal Life Away:

Keeping his Personal Life Away: Rahul Gandhi
Image Source: The Financial Express


Rahul Gandhi has always kept his personal life away from everyone. This political leader is more of secretive in nature when coming to personal life and always has media out of glare when it comes to his life. One reason can be due to the threats he has received so far of being assassinated. So in order to keep the life of his beloved ones safe, he is always secretive about his personal life.

#6. Getting Arrested:

It was in the year 2011 that Rahul Gandhi was arrested by UP police in Bhatta Parsaul village when he was on his way to meet agitated farmers demanding rightful money from landowners who had purchased the land for highway construction project. However, he was later released, 3 hours after being arrested and thereafter was asked to leave the place and go to Delhi.

#7. Becoming a Strategy Consultant:

About Rahul Gandhi, Strategy Consultant

We would like to tell our readers that Rahul Gandhi was declared as a farmer by the official website of Congress in the year 2004. However, later on, in 2009, Rahul after winning the Lok Sabha election, he was designated as a strategy consultant.

#8. Hidden Relationships He Had:

The relationship is something that Rahul seems to be hiding all the way in his life. He once spoke in the public conference to Indian Express Journalist clearing about the miss lead information about his girlfriend. He later told the media about his girlfriend, Veronique Cartelli. According to reports, the 2 have studied together in the same university and were said to be best buddies throughout. Apart from that to which Rahul Gandhi dated was Afghan Princess, though she later married Egyptian Prince in 2013.

#9. Adopting New Methods:

Interesting facts about rahul gandhi

Being the face of Congress and President of the Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi has left no stone unturned to practice new ideas to earn praises from people of the country. He motivated a lot of youngsters to become the part of Indian politics. Even though things do not turn in his favour, he is working furiously to regain the image of Congress party in the nation.

#10. Some Fun Facts About Him:

Rahul Gandhi is well recognised to speak his heart out. At several instance, he tried to bring forward the malpractices of Modi Government but got trolled instead. Some of the shocking facts presented by Rahul which were later mocked on social media are:

  • Mujhe agar ek baar Lok Sabha mein bolne diya jaye toh main sab bataunga ki Paytm kaise hota hai “PAY TO MODI.”
  • Modi ji can speak at pop concerts, TV, but why not he can speak in the Parliament?
  • ”This is not a bold, instead as foolish decision that has been taken without taking things into consideration
  • Demonetisation policy by Modi ji is a scam and he had informed his ‘friends’ about it beforehand
  • ” Modi’s move will turn out to be a big scam.”

The Essence:

Rahul Gandhi is a leader with a different approach. Unlike any other leader, his distinct thinking and corruption less politics becomes an eminent threat for opposition party. Even though he is criticised a lot by Narendra Modi and other BJP party members, he always show great respect for the opposition leaders. He faces a lot of controversy when he hugged Modi few months back and people have blamed him for behaving informally. Later on, Modi slammed the political leader and his mother for their irresponsible behaviour in the political era.

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