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10 Interesting facts about Mirage The Hero of Surgical Strike 2

Learn all you need to know about Mirage 2000 jet.

Mirage 2000 jet is one of the most famous effective aircraft that the world has seen today. The surprise attack terrorized most of the terrorists last night. The action was well planned, but no one expects IAF and PM Modi knew about it.

It is said to be one of the deadliest and versatile weapons that India used against a terror attack. The first commission happened using mirage 2000 jet had been back in 1985. Also, the fighter weapon played a crucial role in Kargil conflict.

However, still, the most important facts about it are unknown to many people. Here I present you some of the critical facts about the Mirage 2000 jet that will blow your mind.

1. It’s origin

The Mirage 2000 jet originated in France, and the builder team included Thomson-CSF, SNECMA, and Dassault Aviation. The first flight that this particular jet took had been back in March 1978.

2. Primary specifications that you missed

You would not have noticed, but Mirage 2000 jet has a height of about 5.30 meters. The empty weight measures up to 7,600 kg while the maximum load can go to 16,500 kg.

3. Technologies and weapons

The Mirage 2000 jet can contain weapons such as air-to-air missiles, automatic cannons, air-to-surface missiles, guided drop bombs, drop bombs, nuclear ordnance, anti-ship missiles, anti-radiation missiles, and short-range A2A missiles. Other than that, you would see all type of bombs and equipment in it.

4. Mirage all around the world

Mirage 2000 jets has not only served India last night but also many countries around the world. It has been competitors to many other jets like F-16 fighter jets. Along with India, Mirage 2000 jets are serving about eight other countries. Action in conflict is seen in various countries such as Libya, Iraq, Kosovo and much more.

5. It can hold about 14,000 lbs weapon

At max, the jet can have about 1000 miles combat range. With the speed of Mach 2.2, Mirage 2000 jet can fight anyone across the world today. Advanced technology is included in it such as external fuel tanks, targeting pods, air-to-air surface missiles, and many more. The jet can have about 14,000 pounds of external weapons and equipment inside it.

6. Mirage 2000 jets will serve Indians for ten more years

It has been three decades, and Mirage 2000 jets are still serving IAF generals. The officials have been relying on these jets. Indian officials had originally purchased 51 such jets back in 2011 at $2.2 billion. You would see helmet displays and other equipment that makes it perfect for the air strike that happened today. It has been assumed that the Mirage 2000 jet can serve the Indian Air-force for ten more years.

7. Higher speed aircraft

The Mirage 2000 jet can run at a speed of about 1243 mph or 2,000 km/hr. The higher technology has made it possible to serve the country at a higher and surprising speed. During the Kargil conflict, India nearly bought another 126 Mirage 2000 jets which were replaced by 36 Rafales. However, the Mirage 2000 is the only jet that can deliver a nuclear bomb.

8. Security of Mirage 2000 jet is costly

Believe it or not, but the security part of the entire jet system is its security system. The spectra system is highly automated and functional to provide better facilities for the Army. Among all, about 30% of the cost depends on the Spectra security system in the Mirage 2000 Jets.

9. Updated technology

One of the attractive technology you will see in Mirage 2000 is the voice recognition system. The officials can handle the speed of the jet at 2,000 km/hr and do other critical activities using the voice recognition feature. That means you can even control the functionality of the fighter jet through voice.

10. How Mirage 2000 came to India?

Back in 1982, Pakistan acquired F-16 fighter jets and India bought 40 Mirage 2000 jets in response. After that, Indian Hindustan Aeronautics Limited was going to manufacture about 110 Mirage 2000 jets with updated technology. However, after purchasing the Soviet Union’s MiG 29, India had to drop the idea. After that, India ordered the jets again in 1986 and 2004.

Mirage 2000 jet acted like a miracle for Indian Airforce that made the entire country proud. The Indian Army was well-equipped with new technology and weapons last night that helped them in carrying out such an order. Indeed, they were successful in replying terrorists and Pakistan to Pulwama attack through the air strike happened yesterday.

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