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10 Best Antioxidants Super Rich Foods for Healthy Life

A diet rich in antioxidants is often plugged as 'anti-aging' compounds to keep the level of aging low and in the preservation of good healthy lifestyle.

Since childhood, your elders have been guiding you about the best antioxidants rich foods. What do you think? Do these foods affect your body? Of course, they do, as they are not only good for your stomach but also protect your heart.

But how about replenishing the cells that develop the critical organs in your body? Well, to this, the catchphrase is “antioxidants”.

To help you understand the benefits of Antioxidants, first let’s discuss some basics about it:

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are nothing but the substances that are naturally present in vegetables and fruits that you eat in your daily life but aren’t aware of. Like for instance, you all know about the resveratrol in red wine, flavanols present in chocolates, beta-carotene in carrots, and lycopene in tomatoes. Well, all these are nothing but different kinds of antioxidants.


How antioxidants keep your body healthy?

Why antioxidants in the body are essential is because its role is to protect the cells from the oxidants that cause damage to your body. It is your body that produces Oxidants that are nothing but free radicals to guard it against any virus or bacteria.

When these oxidants multiply, they start attacking and damaging the cells that further makes your body prone to numerous diseases such as cancer and heart-related problems. Apart from it, your body may come in contact with oxidants from the environment as well such as by smoking, pollution or even by consuming alcohol.

Hence, it is where antioxidants come into play. It neutralizes and eradicates these oxidants from your blood flow.

Aren’t antioxidants beneficial to your body? However, it’s crucial for your body to maintain a balance between oxidants and antioxidants good health to have a healthy life. Usually what oxidants do is that it outnumbers the level of antioxidants, so it’s vital to provide incessant supply from external source to uphold this balance.

So, make sure you intake complete diet and that which is packed with high-quality antioxidants.

By doing so, you can avail many hidden benefits as well that is:

  • Best Antioxidants slow down the signs of ageing, thus making you look youthful
  • It also helps in lessening the menace of heart disease
  • Is diet rich antioxidants are taken, it keeps your brain active
  • Gives you long and healthy life
  • Antioxidants reduce the risk of disorders, vision loss, cognitive problems, etc.

There are many other health benefits of antioxidants. To help you know more, we have penned down a list of 10 best and high antioxidants in the world that are beneficial for your body.

Here you go:


1. Wild Blueberries:

Wild Blueberries
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According to some recent animal studies, it is suggested that the wild blueberries are very helpful in protecting the cells from causing damage and lessen the inflammation. This amazing food category consists of vitamins and minerals that are known for strengthening your body’s immune system and protects and fights against the diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.


2. Dark Chocolate:

Dark Chocolate
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To all chocolate lovers, if you are fond of eating chocolate, then it is helping you a big way. Yes, you read it right! Surprisingly, chocolate is very healthy, especially the Dark chocolates and cocoa pack that are rich in polyphenols and flavanols and consist of a big antioxidant punch. According to some study conducted by Harvard specialists, it was suggested that chocolate having 70% cocoa is actually good for your heart.


3. Grapes:

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Grapes, especially the ones that are dark-colored like blue, red, and purple are rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants. It may prove beneficial in safeguarding against heart disease and cancer. Apart from this, Grapes are also known to have vitamin C and selenium.


4. Kidney Beans:

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are rich in High fiber which can help reduce cholesterol level in the body. All available beans such as pinto, black and red apart from kidney beans contain the high-octane supply of antioxidants. Beans are not only rich in muscle-boosting protein but also have less fat. And if combined with grains, it gives a complete protein diet. You can use them sandwiches, in salads or make a famous liquid form of Punjabi rajma.


5. Raisins:

Image Source: Pinterest


If you are looking for a source that consists of a lot of antioxidants, then we suggest you go with some handful of raisins every day. Especially, the dark raisins that are loaded with anthocyanins that help in boosting your energy level. You can use them in the breakfast by sprinkling it on breakfast oats, in a salad or blend and make it a smoothie. Amusingly, raisins have at three times the amount of antioxidants present in the grapes.


6. Blackberries:

Image Source: Pinterest


Another food high in antioxidants is Blackberries that scores high in the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale that is used for measuring amount of antioxidant present in the food. The levels found are higher than other types of high-level antioxidant berries, for example, blueberries. Its scrumptious taste can help you maintain glowing and healthy eyes.


7. Cranberries:

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Cranberries a rich source of fibre as well as vitamin C and hardly consist of 40-45 calories for each cup. If talking about the antioxidants that can help fight diseases, cranberries are set to outrank almost every vegetable and fruit including that of spinach, red grapes, strawberries, broccoli, raspberries, apples, and cherries.


8. Broccoli:

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A decade back, did you ever hear about this amazing vegetable? Have you ever thought, why in the recent years, the vegetable has been in so much hype? Well, you would be astonished to hear that it is because of the presence of cancer-fighting antioxidants. The finest way to consume is to steam it.


9. Barley:

Barley grains
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Barley, known as the ancient grain is yet again trending and that too for good reasons. Known for its potent antioxidant properties, Barley can assist your body look stronger and healthy from within. The best way to intake barley is by first soaking and eats in sprouted form, as antioxidant levels boost.


10. Walnuts:

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Though all nuts are highly beneficial for the body and experts to recommend to intake at least a handful of nuts daily. But if we talk about Walnuts, then they are loaded with antioxidants, low in sodium, and lowers the cholesterol level. One should not cook and eat walnuts, as it affects the antioxidants level.

These were a few antioxidant foods along with its benefits. Many of you might be already eating these antioxidant-rich foods, but do you take it in a right way? Yes, taking these foods in a right way is very important for you, so make sure you don’t destroy the presence of antioxidants to avail the complete benefits of the foods we have mentioned above.

Hope you have a healthy life!

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